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Nena Sales

Manga, gachapon, plushies, and random sales!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! THE STORE WILL CLOSE FOR ORDERS AT 11:59 PM, USA Central Time on Monday, December 21. Make sure you place your orders before the deadline.  I'm moving to Korea in about a week, so I won't be able to fill orders after that point.  (I may use this store again in the future, though. I don't know!)

To order, please comment on THIS POST with the following information:

Zip code / Country: 

Here is an example I have filled out:

Email: example@email.com
ORDER: MUDKIP, Pocky - Chocolate (1 box), Hikaru-no-go v. 1-3
Zip code / Country: 35486

The next step is..

As of right now, I am ONLY accepting paypal (or credit cards and debit card orders DONE THROUGH paypal).  After you place your order, I will send you a Paypal Invoice to the provided email address within 48 hours of your comment. I will confirm your order and let you know about the shipping cost. You can make any modifications to your order at this point.  You have 48 hours to pay after I send the invoice, before your order is automatically canceled and the items you ordered go back up for sale.

I will ship to anywhere in the world.  After you place your order with your zip code or country, I will send you the invoice which INCLUDES shipping. I keep my shipping costs as close to the actual cost as possible. Please allow about 2 business days for me to package and ship your items, after I receive payment. :D

No, I do not reserve items for anyone.  No exceptions. Once you order the item, and I send the invoice, you have exactly 48 hours to pay. If you don't pay, the item will be sold to the next person in line.

I am not currently accepting any trades. Sorry. I'm trying to clean out all of my belongings for an overseas move.

Yep! Every order over 10 dollars will get a 10% discount applied! Extremely large orders will be subject to discounts as I feel like it.    (Please note that shipping costs will not be discounted.)

This is a post for feedback. I just started this selling journal thing, so, I don't really have any feedback here.

I've got a little bit of feedback on my Ebay page which you can see here: http://myworld.ebay.com/blinkythered

Also, it's not sales related, but you can trust me to keep my word because I've got a reputation to uphold! I draw the webcomic Heard-comic.com and I wouldn't rip anyone off.

Journal Feedback
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*When you comment to leave Feedback, please put either "Positive" "Negative" or "Neutral" into the comment title.

Doujinshi - YAOI
General notes: ALL of these doujinshi were hand-picked, and there is NO "novel" section of them (ie, long passages of written japanese with barely any illustrations.), so even if you can't read Japanese that well, you won't be struggling through endless lines of text. Just tons and tons of comic!!

"NO LIFE" - $15
Explicit Content ( 18+ buyers, please.)
Pages: 32
Condition: Nearly perfect, removed from protective sleeve for browsing and pictures, no damage
Pairings/Kinks: Multiple phoenixes/edgeworth, Hobo!phoenix/edgeworth.
Other notes: very small sensor bars, art similar in style to official art

"Narumitsu Sairoku" - $25
Explicit Content ( 18+ buyers, please.)
Pages: 82 (Small format compared to typical doujinshi, TONS more pages!)
Condition: Nearly perfect, removed from sleeve to show interior, no damage
Pairings/Kinks: Yukata sex, Phoenix/Bratworth (young edgeworth), supernatural stuff, lots of costume play.. collection of short sexy stories, will not disappoint!
Other notes: Similar to official art, lots of kinks.

"Under world!" - $15
Explicit content ( 18+ buyers please.)
Pages: 34
Condition: Nearly perfect, removed from protective sleeve for browsing and pictures, no damage
Pairings/Kinks: Narumitsu with one very.. cracky twist. I don't wanna give it away, but really, it's pretty .. strange.
Other notes: Similar to official art, VERY crack-y sex.. this is for someone ready for anything.

"Over protect" - $10
15+ Content. (NOT explicit.)
Pages: 26
Condition: Nearly perfect, removed from protective sleeve for browsing and pictures, no damage
Pairings/Kinks: Young phoenix (pink sweater) / Young edgeworth (fancy jacket.)
Other notes: No sex in this one, cute official-looking art, sweet (if you can read Japanese.)


Explicit content. (18+ buyers please.)
Pages: 34
Condition: Very good, slight wear on the edges of the front and back cover, but nothing big or ugly.
Pairings/Kinks: Simon/Viral (older versions), hardcore.
Other notes: Pretty heavy censoring, but still pretty much 90% hardcore sexytimes, the art is nice and GAINAX-y.


Please note that I can't take pictures of any of the sexual parts, because photobucket does not allow me to host that.

Reply to this post if you have any questions about the items in question. I do NOT have any other doujinshi at all, so don't bother asking about that.

First-come, first-serve. Go HERE when you're ready to order. (Remember the names of the doujins that you want, please.)

Gachapon: Figurines, Keychains, Cell Phone Straps, and more.
Tons of Gachapon behind the cut..Collapse )

Cosplay items
Evangelion - Asuka Style Hair Clips - bigger photos HERE.
Condition: Perfect, NEVER WORN.
Notes: Package was opened and looked at, out of curiosity. I thought I might cosplay her someday, but never actually got around to it.  Official Gainax product.  Also, it appears to be the same item as this one on Jlist.
ASUKA: $15

(A few more to be added soon, but I don't actually have a WHOLE LOT of this.)

Adult Figurines
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Manga, Manhwa, English and Japanese
Okay, huge book sale! All manga/books/whatever are in GOOD condition, but may have varying degrees of shelf wear. Some of these series have been re-released several times with different sizes and editions, so please contact me to clarify the dimensions/style of the manga if that is important to you. Otherwise I won't be responsible if you don't like the particular edition of the manga I have.

MANGA PAPERBACKS - $2.50 each unless otherwise indicated (75% off, or more for series!)
Aqua Knight 1
Angel Sanctuary 1-5 ($12 for all)
Bomber Girl (Adult, One volume only)
Boys Be 1
Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow - 1
Confidential Confessions: 1-6 ($15 for all)
Confidential Confessions: Deai, 1
Culdcept 1
Digimon 1
D.N.Angel 1
ES: Eternal Sabbath
1 Forbidden Dance 1-4 (Complete) (Different cover designs due to changing in style during printing, $10 for all)
Fushigi Yuugi 1
Hands Off! 1-3, 5, 6
Happy Mania 1
Hellsing 3
Hikaru no Go 1-4 ($10 for all)
I.N.V.U 1-3 ($7 for all)
Kare Kano 1, 4 (Yep, those are the only volumes left.)
Kill me, Kiss me 1-2 ($5 for both)
Legend of Chun Hyang (CLAMP, oneshot)
Les Bijoux 1-5 (Complete) ($12)
Mars, 1-5, 10
Moon Phase, 1 **whole book is kinda warped, only $1.00 due to the damage
Naruto 1-3, 5-6
Prince of Tennis 1
Ragnarok 1-3, 7-9
Saiyuki 1-2 ($5)
Shaman Warrior 1
Shirahime-Syo (CLAMP Hardcover), $5
Spiral (oneshot)
Sweat & Honey
The Ring 1-2 ($5)
Trigun 1
Tarot Cafe 1-3 ($7)
X/1999, 1-2 ($5)
X-Day 1-2 (Complete) ($5)

YAOI / SHOUNEN-AI - $5 each, unless otherwise indicated

Dear Myself (oneshot)
Desire (oneshot)
Eerie Queerie 1-2
I Can't Stop Loving You (oneshot)
Kizuna 1-2
Level-C 1-4
Little Butterfly 1 **MISSING COVER -- $3.50
Only the Ring Finger Knows (oneshot)
Our Everlasting 1 **damaged cover - $4.00
Our Kingdom 1-2 **MISSING COVER -- $3.50 each
Selfish Love 1-2
Skyscrapers of Oz (oneshot)
Yellow 1

Chrono Crusade Vol 6
Valkyrie Profile (4koma manga) vol. 3
Star Ocean: The Second Story (4koma manga) vol 2, 13
Atelier Marie and Elie - Zarlburge Alchemist vol 1

AMERICAN COMICS - $2.50 each
Bizenghast 1
Blue Monday 1
Death - At Death's Door 1
East Coast Rising 1
Emily The Strange
Emily The Strange, Book of Strange
Kreeky Playground
Road Song 1
Sorcerers and Secretaries

Plushies, Stuffed Animals..
Kagome from Inu Yasha -Bigger pictures HERE
Condition: Tag still attached, some weird damage to the shoes. The brown color is some sort of paint that became soft and scraped off when my room got hot. I dunno what the deal is, but a crafty person could probably fix it. About 8" from head to toe.

LOVE Bunny (UFO catcher toy) - Bigger picture
Condition: Like new, tag still attached Big, almost 15" long (you can kinda see that in the bigger picture, on the ruler.)
Notes: Won this gem from a UFO catcher machine in Umeda, Osaka, in summer 2008.
BUNNY: $15

Pashmina and Bijoux - bigger pic HERE
Condition: Good. Small, about 4-5" tall

Hamtaro and Penelope - Bigger pic HERE.
Condition: Good - Small, about 4-5" tall

Cinnamoroll - Bigger pic and another angle HERE
Condition: very good; small, only about 5" tall
Notes: Ears have beanbag stuff inside to keep them floppy

Novels, Japanese books, How to Draw books.
All of the links go to the Amazon.com product page for the item in question.

Lesbian pulp fiction
- $2.00 each
"Beebo Brinker" by Ann Bannon
"I am a woman" by Ann Bannon
"Spring Fire" by Vin Packer

Japanese Text Books
Nakama volume 1 - 1998 edition, very good condition, minimum notes - $20
Nakama volume 2 - 2000 edition, more shelfware damage, some notes and underlining - $20

Japanese Learning Aids
Mangajin's Basic Japanese Through Comics Part 2 - very good condition $5
Japanese Vocabulary Cards - 1,000 cards, perfect condition, cards may be out of order - $7

How to Draw Manga Books
How to Draw Manga - Bodies & Anatomy - $10
How to Draw Manga - Volume 8 Super Basics - $7
Scenery Collection Vol. 3 Traditional Scenery - $5 (links to Akadot description, not on amazon)